Natural Stone Countertops

As the name implies, natural stones occurs naturally in the earth and are not manufactured. Because natural stone occurs organically, these types of stone are never the same. No two pieces look the same which adds a unique character to each custom installation Here are a few of the natural stones that Caveman Countertops has to offer:

  • Granite
    Granite is often considered the most luxurious stone. And with granite's beauty and durability it is no wonder granite is so popular. Granite is a very hard rock that has a visible pattern and structure. Granite is most often polished to a high gloss. The colors patterns and texture of granite will very greatly from one slab of granite to the next. Granite is one of the most durable and desirable countertop surfaces available today. Granite is often the most popular natural stone for countertops.

  • Limestone
    A home with elegant limestone adds to the style and sophistication to the house. Limestone typically has a uniform texture and structure. Limestone does not accept a polish and ranges in color from white to gray with variations of ivory and light gold usually considered the most popular for countertops. Because limestone is formed in the sea, it can sometimes contain fossils and shells. Limestone is often recognized by its understated appearance, matte finish and also for its subtle coloring.

  • Marble
    As the favorite stone for ancient Greek and Roman architects, marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Marble is actually a crystallized limestone that is capable of taking a high polish. Marble is considered one of the most decorative types of stone with its color variations and veins that contribute to the stone's unique appearance. Marble is great for achieving a very classic and traditional style look. Marble has been popular for hundreds of years and remains so today.

  • Soapstone
    Soapstone is very unique in that it is much softer than most natural stones which can make it more susceptible to scratches. However, unlike other natural stones, its soft nature allows scratches to be buffed out without causing damage to the stone. Soapstone retains heat much better than most natural stones which can make it warm to the touch. Soapstone countertops require applications of mineral or linseed oil to retain its deep, and often dark, coloring. With its warmth and rich colors, soapstone brings elegance to your home.

  • Travertine
    Like marble, travertine is a special from of limestone. Travertine, however, has a verry unique "pitted" texture. These small "pitts", or holes, are created from hot springs that surround the stone as it is formed over millions of years. Travertine does not take on a polish but its uniquely textured surface gives it an "old" appearance that is very popular among today's designers. Travertine is perfect for achieving a rustic, timeless style and appearance for your kicthen or bathroom.


Natural stone countertops are often considered the pinnacle of elegance and durability. Natural stones such as granite, marble and soapstone will last the your lifetime and maintain their natural beauty with minimal maintenance and cleaning. Natural stone is not a cheap option for kitchen remodeling. Natural stone is regularly considered a luxury item and can greatly increase the value of your home. There are several factors that can affect the price of installing a natural stone, like granite, in the kitchen.

One option for reducing the cost of natural stone installations is using more than one piece of natural stone. This can help reduce costs but is often less desirable because for each additional piece, there will be seams between the two pieces. Caveman Countertops installers are highly skilled a reducing the appearance of stones, but it is impossible to remove the visibility completely.

Another choice for reducing the cost of natural stone is to use many pieces and arrange the stone in tiles. This can greatly reduce the cost from solid stone installations and if the stone is damaged, you can replace only one tile instead of the entire countertop. If you decide to install tiled squares, it is a good idea to keep several extra tiles so that you can easily replace tiles, if need be, in the future - this will eliminate the trouble of finding a tile that matches several years later.

It is important to consider that natural stone surfaces do require more maintenance than engineered stone. Natural stone is a porous surface and must be regularly sealed to repel water and other particles from becoming stains in the surface. Each natural stone has different characteristics and it is good to become familiar with the different beaviors of each. For instance, Soapstone is a higly porous stone that is more prone to chipping than most other natural stones.

Small scratches and chips can often be polished out of your stone and dont typically require replacement. Cleaning and polishing can also restore the shine to a countertop that has become dull and hazy from neglect. In the unlikely event that the solid stone surface is cracked, it may be necessary to replace the entire installation

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