We fabricate :

    fireplaces  tables backsplashes window sills custom sized tile or

      anything from natural and end enigineered stone.

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Stone Finishes


A non-slippery textured finish usually given to granites which retains the coloration and grain structure of the stone.

Natural Cleft

Unique to the slates, the natural cleft finish has an uneven surface, but is still usable for flooring. A natural cleft finish is a natural finish that comes from the layers of slate when quarried. However, the backside can be gauged to facilitate ease of thin-set installation. Some...

Acid Washed

The prpocess of treating stone surface with acidic substances to give the tile an aged texture and appearance.


This finish comes from cutting quarried marble or stone parallel to natural bedding plane.


A tumbled finish gives an Old World, weathered look to tiles by tumbling them in a solution of water, sand, and mild acid. Typical sizes include 5/8" x 5/8" to 6"x 6" and sometimes even 8"x 8" are true tumbled pieces. Larger sizes are given a tumbled finish manually. Very small pieces like...

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